Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  Take a long look around.  Get lost in the stories the images tell.  I’ve spent months preparing this site;  pouring over all the pictures I’ve taken over the past 6 years and I’ve gotten lost many times myself.  Lost in the memories from each wedding and milestone.  Lost in the story of how you met.  Lost in the memory of there being no power in the church (or the salon, or the reception hall, or the entire TOWN) on your wedding day.  Lost in remembering how the breeze blew strong on the North side of the island where you were married.  Lost in the memory of seeing the look on your face as you held your new son while my camera clicked away.  Lost in the realization that I am lucky to be a part of so many treasured moments in the lives of my clients.

My heart and soul is in every single image.  Enjoy.

And maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to get lost in a memory with you…

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