I’m a wife of 17 years to my husband, Tim and I still can’t believe we’ve been together that long!  All because I asked him to the Silver Arrow dance all those years ago.

I’m usually described as all or nothing.  I guess that means I have an excuse when I’m working nonstop during busy season (all), my house is a mess (nothing)!

I LOVE eighties hair bands and am slightly obsessed with Bon Jovi. I finally got to see them in concert in 2013 and it was one of the best nights of my life.  We are teaching our kids the greats:  Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard, Skid Row….don’t judge.

I crave symmetry.  When things aren’t just so, I get a little “twitchy.”

I wasn’t kidding.  I DO laugh loudly, often embarrassing my dear hubby ;)

BBQ chips are my crack.  Tim has been forbidden to buy them as well.  No.Self.Control.

I hate to run.  Hate.  It.  But I go in spurts (all or nothing, of course) where I’m either running 3 miles every day or going months without even thinking of firing up the treadmill.

I have a giant closet.  And it’s packed.  I remember life events from the clothes I wear so it’s hard for me to get rid of anything.

If I’m going to mention the closet, I should also mention my shoe obsession.  There is absolutely no excuse. I just love them and shoes make me happy.

I have a huge love affair with Charleston, SC.  I have made the trip many times and feel such a connection with the texture and history of the city.  I’m constantly planning my next return.

I turned 30 a few years ago and it wasn’t pretty.  I didn’t get out of bed that day I was so depressed.

Every day since my 30th birthday has been AMAZING.  Seriously, my thirties have been the best years of my life (so far).  What was I so upset about?!

I love weddings.  I’ve loved them since Tim and I began dating 20 years ago, especially during those 4 dating years that I caught 5 bouquets at other people’s weddings.  However, I never thought I would be photographing them!  Life is funny that way.

I’m a creature of habit.  I order the same thing at every restaurant for fear if I try something different, it won’t be as good as my “usual.”

Tim and I have been the kind of people who are obsessed with our dog.  His name is Oliver.  He’s super cute.  And spoiled.

I love a good road trip.  One is not complete without a stash of tootsie rolls and skittles.

My two kids are pretty cool and I’m crazy proud of them.  Evie is 15 and Trenton is 12.  It’s true that time passes faster with every year.

I’m a bit of a worrier, but I think it works to my advantage. I try to anticipate things that could go wrong so I can plan for them (*ahem, this is a VERY essential tool for putting out fires on wedding day!)

We remodeled our 100+ year old farm house in 2012.  It was a giant nightmare that I won’t go into (thanks for that, Mother Nature).  But Tim and I are both extremely proud of how it turned out considering how much work (and quite literally blood, sweat and tears) we did ourselves.  I’d love to show you around sometime!

I never realized what a workaholic I was until I started my own business.  I want to be the best I possibly can and am never satisfied with just being content.

I talk with my hands.  I type like I talk as well, hence the short, abrupt sentences.  You should see me trying to talk through this while my hands are too busy typing to accentuate my words :)

Like most girls, I love coffee.  And clothes.  And wine.  And the beach.  Did I miss anything?!